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Hochland Natec Cubecutter

The new Hochland Natec Cubecutter is designed to make cubes or shreds out of processed cheese or others. The continuous cutting system complements the new Hochland Natec FreeSlice systems and Hochland Natec Scheibli systems (Chill rolls). (Both are plants for the production of SOS products – slice on slice).

The new design guarantees high flexibility in slice thickness and formats and enables shreds or cubes of variable sizes to be produced.

 Unique selling points:

  • The Hochland Natec Cubecutter enables cubes and shreds to be produced inline
  •  Inline production: forming, cooling and dicing
  •  High flexibility in formats
  •  Can be used for all customary cheese types


Capacity – up to 1,800 kg/hr
(depending on formats and temperature of the product)

Formats und thickness – maximum width of the cheese belt: 1,100 mm
– cube sizes: from 3 to 10 mm possible
– slice thickness: infinitely adjustable from 2 – 10 mm

Products – processed cheese
– mozzarella cheese

Machine dimensions/-weight length: 1,700 mm
width: 2,300 mm
height: 1,600 mm
weight: 1,140 kg

Parts stocked in Kansas City, MO