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Gold Peg™ Grinder


The Gold Peg™ Cheese Grinder is designed to increase the product surface area, coupled with high capacity output and foreign matter protection.
This robust grinder has the following beneficial features:


  • High output up to 12,000 kg/hr- to meet increased production rates
  • Particle size of 2.8mm – enables increased utilisation of the functional protein contained in your cheese raw material. Reduces the protein wasted in undissolved cheese solids.
  • Ability to grind frozen cheese and butter
  • No metal to metal surfaces
  • No cutting knife
  • Minimal temperature change

Capacity: up to 26,500 lbs/hr

Particle Size: 2.8 mm

Special Feaures:

  • Can grind frozen cheese & butter
  • No Metal to metal contact surfaces
  • Foreign Matter catcher
  • Lower formulation costs