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Natec FreeFilter


The new, innovative Natec FreeFilter system is used in all processed cheese production processes following the cooker. The application of this new filter system enables production times from approx. 60 to 120 hours without any interruption or having to stop the system. In the filter foreign bodies are held back, such as burnt particles or pieces that haven’t melted. Those particles are sorted out automatically and there is no need to stop the production line.
Optionally the filters can be cleaned using CIP-cleaning at a separate station.


Unique Selling Points


  • The Natec FreeFilter-system guarantees simple handling
  • No nylon inlets required
  • Reduces labour and rework costs
  • Long production times from 60 – 120 hours without interruptions and filter changes
  • Can be used for all types of processed cheese as well as for liquid mediums (e.g. brine)
  • Automatic “cleaning” during production – in change with CIP cleaning

Capacity: up to 8,800 lbs/hr

Run time: from 60 – 120 hours possible without interruption

Products: spreadable cheese, IWS, SOS, imitation cheese

Options: CIP cleaning is possible, varying filer hole sizes