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Natec Freeslice 300, 1500 & 3000


The new Natec FreeSlice system is the New Generation of producing Slice on Slice (SOS) products and will replace the old chill-roll systems. The new hygienic design enables safe and trouble-free production without any danger of recontamination because of its integrated laminar flow system. Also the integrated CIP system allows very easy and safe cleaning. The sophisticated FreeSlice system reduces the manpower required for operating and cleaning to a minimum.
The new vertical design of the belts guarantees high flexibility in slice thickness and formats and enables sticks, cube and shreds to be produced in variable sizes


Unique selling points


  • The Natec FreeSlice system ensures hygienic, cost-effective production and high productivity
  • High operator comfort and trouble-free production
  • Completely cleaned over the integrated CIP system
  • New hygienic design with laminar flow housing to avoid recontamination
  • Pausing and restart without rework possible
  • Inline mozzarella production possible

Capacity: up to 8000 lbs/hr (SOS, cubes, sticks, and shreds)

Slices: up to 4200 slices/min with slices of 14.2g (76mm x 76mm)

Ribbons: 28 Cheese Ribbons on a maximum width of the cooling belt of 2300 mm

Products: Processes Cheese, Pasta Filata Mozz, and Pizza Toppings

Thickness: Infinitely adjustable from 1.5 mm to 12 mm depending on final product temp

Options: Crosscutter, FreeStacker, Cubecutter, Stickcutter, Oilspraying System

Parts stocked in Kansas City, MO