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symex – Innovations


With our modern technologies (Hot/Cold emulsions, small batch sizes with equivalent product qualities, pigment grinding etc.) we enable our customers to manufacture the highest quality products. Our special plants are individually constructed and manufactured in accordance with our customers’ requirements. The highly repeatable processes, extremely low operating costs, the minimal energy requirements, the short production times, and the extremely short cleaning times, all contribute to symex as being the process plants with the highest productivity. These are only a few of the benefits that our trend setting technologies can provide:


  • Hot-/Cold-Emulsifying process
  • In vessel pigment grinding
  • Partial batch sizes down to 25% with identical product qualities
  • Reproducible raw material introduction
  • Fully automated cleaning CIP-/SIP-Advanced
  • Fully automated production process via our batch-system
  • Gentle on the product heating and cooling (delta T or ramp heating or cooling)


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Co-Twister – Revolutionary Homogenizer Design

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Co-twister explainedThe Rotor-rotor-principle With Dynamic Stator Homogenizer


The Co-Twister which has been developed and patented by symex is one of the most important innovations within the broad field of mixing technology. The heart of the system is the independent control over both the driven rotor and the driven dynamic stator. Thereby the symex Co-Twister achieves unmatched adjustability with regards to product manufacturing:


  • Flow rate through the homogenizer (pumping performance via the rotor) and energy input by shearing (by dynamic stator) are independently adjustable
  • Difference in speed within shear gap of 0-70 m/s
  • With independent control of flow rate and shear rate, you have a direct influence on particle/liquid droplet size and the particle/liquid droplet distribution.

Hot / Cold Process – A quantum leap in emulsion production

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hot-coldDue to continuous research and development and the close cooperation with our customers we have established the foundation for our superior processing technologies. Thus we have developed a transfer process which does not emulsify in the usual hot-/hot-procedure but in a hot-/cold-procedure.


With our Co-Twister and the symex-Hot/Cold-transfer-process one achieves a highly stable emulsion with a tightly defined distribution of liquid droplet size, with a minimum of energy input, and extremely short processing times. Due to the independent control of flow rate, shear rate, and transfer rate, one gets a direct influence on the median liquid droplet size and a narrow droplet distribution (standard deviation).

Pigment Grinding – Huge batch time, labor, and ancillary equipment reductions 

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Pigment grindingThe most extraordinary innovation arising from our design and development team is “pigment grinding”. It encompasses the monodisperse distribution of pigments in a fluid phases. For this, high amounts of energy input are necessary, and that generally can only be realized by contact grinding tools such as ball mills and roller mills. With our process we can accomplish equivalent or even better dispersal results, and can accomplish it in a reduced amount of time. With the symex Co-Twister, a special grinding specific tool set can be fitted to optimize this grinding and dispersing effect within the shear gap.


  • No intermediate process steps on ball mills or roller mills – all processes including pigment grinding are accomplished within the main mixing vessel
  • No ancillary equipment to clean
  • The Co-Twister cleans itself with its automated CIP/SIP
  • Pigment losses during intermediate process steps are eliminated (cost reductions)
  • No contamination in the product from wear particles from ball mills and roller mills.
  • Due to a better (homogeneous) dispersion of pigments, uniform color effects can be accomplished while using a minimum amount of pigment.
  • Final color matching is easier and more consistent, as color variations from pigment losses in ancillary operations is eliminated.
  • Increased operator safety – no more moving by hand of hot oil grinds between the ancillary ball or roller mill process to the main mixing vessel (and reduced personal protective gear requirements also).

Pharmaceutical Concept – Meet the strictest standards

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pharma conceptThe manufacturing of pharmaceutical products is subject to especially strict rules and regulations. Thus the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires the compliance with a specific body of rules for plants producing pharmaceutical products. Only due to strict compliance are new pharmaceutical products approved and launched on the market. A special focus is put on the complete chain of documentation and traceability of the vessel manufacturing process and all its components. In addition, plants have to be able to consistently reproduce every process.
What we guarantee with our specially developed pharmaceutical concept:


  • GEP compliant engineering