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Innospexion – Ultra Contrast X-ray Detection
Low-energy X-ray Scanning


Low energy-X-ray systems are in contrast to traditional X-ray systems, which exclusively function as a final control. Due to the longer wavelength of radiation, they are attenuated by very small thickness- or density variations. Therefore, low energy-X-ray technology allows detailed analysis of both the packaging and the contents, provided the total amount inside the package is not large. InnospeXion has developed a technology that combines the low-energy imaging with online inspection. Hence, many problems that are currently not addressable with existing X-ray technology, can be solved. Numerous tailoring options have been developed for very specific tasks.

X-ray Systems as part of the production line automation

The InnospeXion HYMCIS X-ray scanners are built for in-line integration. The use of PLC as master of the HYMCIS control makes it easy to integrate a number of I/O functionalities, including alarms to different machinery along the processing line. For example, in packaged products, the ability to check the integrity of the packaging as well as positioning of product(s) inside the package is important and can be used cost-effectively towards improving the line automation. Also other packaging machinery can be monitored, e.g. regarding labels, sealing, etc.

The InnospeXion low energy X-ray scanner is available in a number of tailored versions, specifically suited to specific tasks concerning overall interfacing, design of conveyor, conveyor attachment to existing production line and integrated software with TTL-based triggering for ejection and sorting. The system is available as stand-alone units or as completely integrated PLC controlled systems operating in automatic, self-regulating mode.