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DJM Premium Butcher Burger (PBB) Stuffer Attachment

For the production of:



  • “Home style” and “premium ”hamburgers
  • Cutlets
  • Nuggets
  • Vegaburgers
  • Kebab





  • Product structure: original structure of meat (fibers) are preserved by gentle handling
  • Product shape: no deformation after cooking or frying
  • Product change over very quick and easy, by simply changing nozzle
  • High speed cutting system by linear driven knife
  • Accuracy: portion weight accuracy +/- 1gr
  • No water use (except for cleaning clow weight portions)
  • High production capacity: up to 200 strokes/minute
  • Number of lanes: 1-2-4
  • Accurate weight control, guaranteed by DJM’s patented Pressure Dividing System ®



various weight options / nozzle sizes




single lane PBB (1 row) and multiple-lane PBB (2-4 lanes)