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DJM Diafragma Stuffer Attachment

For the production of:

  • Meat balls (round and oval)
  • Potato balls & mash forms
  • Noodle portions
  • Various other products like pastry and vegetables




  • Perfect & consistent shapes (adjustable on-line)
  • Fully servo controlled motions/movement
  • Keeps product structure intact
  • No water use (except for low weight portions)
  • High production capacity: up to 150 strokes/minute
  • Number of rows: 2-16
  • Accurate weight control, guaranteed by DJM’s patented Pressure Dividing System ®



  • Various diafragma/iris shapes & designs
  • In height movable conveyor belt
  • “Stepper” system for optimal belt-loading




  • 1-2-3-6-8-10-12-16 head