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GPiCS Natural Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher – NO bath cook water

Gpics mozz

The GPiCS Mozzarella cooker stretcher is specifically designed cooking equipment for the industrial production of


  • Natural Mozzarella,
  • String cheese and
  • Pasta Filata varieties.


The direct steam injection GPiCS continuous cooker stretcher, for natural Mozzarella and pasta filata varieties, delivers the following benefits:

  1. NO bath cook water
  2. Ingredients addition
  3. Product quality: composition, sensory & functionality quality similar to traditional wet cooker product
  4. Start up/shut down losses 10% of a traditional wet cooker
  5. Faster CIP
  6. Continuous long runs to match curd supply
  7. Clean product free of no burnt specs and foreign matter
  8. Flexibility to respond to the individual sensitivities of required specifications and therefore produce a wide range of natural Mozzarella, String cheese and Pasta Filata formulas
  9. Automation – minimal operator requirement
  10. Huge reduction in loading on secondary processing of whey due to minimal losses