Flavortech’s Integrated Extraction System (IES) is a unique and revolutionary method of producing premium liquid extracts and concentrates. A complete IES consists of several modules:

  • Slurry Preparation module
  • Flavor Extraction module
  • Clarification module
  • Washing module
  • Concentration module

The system integrates flavor management techniques virtually unknown outside the flavor industry with soluble solids extraction.

The IES facilitates the production of extracts complete with fresh-roasted coffee characters or the light. floral notes of varietal teas: extracts that are absolutely superior to traditional products and often better than a fresh brew.

Although specifically designed for processing coffee and tea, the IES may also be used for other botanicals.

Advantages of the FT Integrated Extraction System

IES-tea-slurryExtracts and concentrates with “fresh brewed” character
Each IES module has been designed to minimize flavor loss from the moment the flavor is at its freshest and maximize flavor capture during the brewing process. The aroma of roast and ground coffee or varietal teas is captured at peak quality for subsequent addition to concentrated extract. The IES generates an extract with a high level of flavor that is generously weighted in “front end” aromatic compounds.

Flexible operation

The Integrated Extraction System can process coffee or tea (black, green, oolong etc.) without requiring equipment changes. Other botanicals may be processed also.

Control of output

IES operating parameters offer a high degree of control over the aroma profile and concentration of the product. The aroma profile may be altered by varying process parameters on the Flavor Extraction module. This enables products to be tailored to suit regional tastes and markets. The Concentration module can achieve concentration ratios of up to 14:1 for tea extract and up to 10: 1 for coffee extract.

Modular construction

The IES comprises of several modules. The system can be installed as a complete processing unit or individual modules may be integrated with existing process equipment.