FT Technologies Spinning Cone Column – Aroma Recovery & Flavor Management

The Flavourtech Spinning Cone Column (SCC) is a highly efficient counter-current liquid-gas contact device. It is a distillation or stripping column belonging to the same family of mass transfer devices as packed, plate and bubble-cap columns.

Spinning Cone Column3

The SCC is unique in its use of gentle mechanical forces to enhance inter-phase contact. This allows efficient and rapid separation of volatile compounds from their host material. The unique design of the SCC enables it to process clear liquids, viscous products or slurries containing high levels of suspended solids.

Advantages of the SCC

High mass-transfer efficiency
The SCC is approximately 4 to 5 times more efficient for the removal of volatile compounds than a traditional packed column of the same height.

Negligible pressure drop
Fins on the underside of the spinning cones assist the flow of the vapor up the column thus minimizing the pressure drop in the vapor phase. This means that the column essentially operates isothermally.

Short residence time
The residence time of the material passing through the SCC is typically less than 20 seconds. This, combined with low operating temperatures, avoids thermal degradation of both the volatile compounds recovered and the material processed.

The Spinning Cone Column operates under hygienic conditions and can easily be cleaned-in-place (CIP).

Ability to process slurries or viscous products
The SCC is capable of handling feed streams with high viscosity or relatively high levels of suspended solids without compromising performance.

Variable operating temperature
Typically, the Spinning Cone Column can operate between 30 – 120°C.

Ability to control volatile recovery
Several operating parameters may be used to control the type and relative proportion of groups of volatile compounds extracted from the feed material.