Emulsifiers can be supplied as part of a complete food or pet food processing line, or as an individual modular component.

The QuadroCut 225 emulsifier is the Heavy Duty “work horse” among emulsifiers globally. Originally it was developed for the human food as well as for the pet food industry. The QuadroCut 225 is a pump fed emulsifier. The built-in control and operator panel is equipped with scanware software which automatically controls the start and stop procedures. The QuadroCut 225 emulsifier works perfectly as a stand-alone emulsifier, together with a feed pump or as part of a complete processing line. For bulk in line emulsion applications as well as small “just-in-time” emulsion manufacturing.


  • Quadruple knife set: 4 knives & 3 holeplates
  • Cassette mounted knife sets
  • Fully Automatic Knife Adjustment System, (FAKAS). Minimizes knife and holeplate wear
  • Continuous Chip Removal System (CCR) which at programmable intervals transports the impurities via a screw/auger outside the knife housing. The CCR system is operated by an electrical motor
  • Allen-Bradley operator panel & PLC
  • Emulsion production capacity: 2,000 – 20,000 kgs/hour (4400 – 44000 lbs/hour)
  • Additional: Also ideal for production of pork skin emulsions