The IES represents a complete processing line from Flavortech comprised of everything from slurry preparation of the raw materials through extraction, clarification, and final concentration. The system consists of the following elements:

  • Slurry Preparation Module: this technology provides specialized solids preparation (milling) and slurry mixing technology which prepares a suitable slurry without any flavor loss
  • Extraction Module: This module uses the Flavortech patented spinning cone column (SCC) to recover, intact, the delicate flavor compounds unique to the raw material. This essence is then protected until processing is complete. At the same time soluble solids are also extracted.
  • Clarification module: This module is made up of several stages depending on the product and final clarity specifications.
  • Concentration module: This module includes the Centritherm, a unique spinning cone evaporator that produces high quality concentrates without thermal damage thus preserving color and flavor.