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Proven technology for in-line measurement of fat/lean in ground meat

The PDMS is a fast, non-contact method for monitoring multiple components in liquid, solid or multiphase materials that pass through a pipe. The system is used to analyze products such as ground meat and dough where other techologies such as NIR may not provide a suitable solution. The chamber and control module are easily integrated into your process. Unlike other analyzers, its simple design contains no moving parts or optical components that require routine maintenance, resulting in extremely low long-term cost of ownership.

The chamber is easily installed with a variety of end connections and sizes to accommodate most process lines. Multiple outputs, alarm status indicator light and a UIP communicate real-time results. The PDMS provides you with crucial product information resulting in improved quality and process efficiency.


• Analyzes multiphase products such as slurries, dough, liquids and larger particle size products.
• Analyzes multiple components.
• Measurement is truly representative of the total product.
PDMS is not a surface measurement.
• Integrates seamlessly into your process with no flow obstruction.
• Results are not affected by the sample color.
• Excellent repeatability, accuracy precision and stability.

PDMS, is a system that combines microwave spectral technology with a proprietary waveguide design to provide precise and reproducible compositional analysis of fat, water and protein in ground meat. The system consists of an electronic control box, interconnecting microwave cables a sensor body that acts as a “waveguide” and a user interface panel.

Other Benefits

  • Totally independent, fits all known brands of grinders
  • Can be fitted to both new and used grinders
  • Very compact, measures 65cm from end of grinder
  • System comes pre-calibrated
  • Calibration is done only once, no need for re-calibration
  • Particle size from 3mm – whole trimmings
  • Temp. range from -1 to +30 degrees. Celsius
  • Unaffected by colour
  • Same calibration in fat range from 5-80% fat
  • Measures through the whole sample and not only on the surface
  • Robust parts, very easy to clean
  • Accuracy of +/- 1%.