3 Innovative Processing Solutions the Beverage Industry Should Know About

If you work in the beverage industry, there are 3 innovative processing solutions you may be interested in. Coffee, tea, and other ready-to-drink beverages are not losing any popularity.

In fact, they can be made better, thanks to advancing technology. These new innovative processing systems allow the products to retain much of their natural aromas, taste, and nutritional values.

Whether it is coffee, tea, concentrates of fruits and vegetables, or other products, these beverages are now able to remain closer to their natural state with less loss of all their properties that make them desirable in the first place.

3 Innovative Processing Solutions for the Beverage Industry

When fruits, vegetables and leaves or beans for coffee and tea are processed, they can lose a lot of flavor, color, and their natural aroma. Here are 3 innovative processing solutions that will help them remain truest to their natural state.

1. Aroma Recovery

Aroma recovery uses a new innovative processing solution to extract the essence of the product in a far gentler and more effective way. It works very well with tea, coffee, fruit pulp, and extracts or slurried products.

This technology, known as the Spinning Cone Column, can remove the parts that are needed using variable temperature steam. This process is very gentle and therefore, it preserves the natural aroma and flavor.

Because it’s natural using no chemicals, this method leaves all the nutrients, flavor and aroma that already occurs naturally. In addition, with tea, not only can it recover the tea aroma but it can also brew the tea and produce a tea extract at the same time.

2. Thin Film Evaporator

The second innovative process solution is Flavourtech’s Centritherm evaporator. This allows you to make concentrates and still maintain the properties of the product that matter.

Highly effective with products that are very heat-sensitive. It can process the products quickly but using less heat, to keep the integrity of the product intact. An ideal for the beverage industry, but has other applications, as well.

It uses centrifugal force, so the product is in contact with the heating surface for a mere one second, compared to others that may take much longer. Also, as the Centritherm evaporator operates under vacuum, it reduces the product’s boiling point so evaporation can take place at lower temperatures.

3. Integrated Extraction System

The third innovative processing solution for beverages is Flavourtech’s Integrated Extraction System. A continuous process that completely automates, which maintains product consistency throughout the run.

It allows users to produce premium aromas, extracts and concentrates for the coffee and tea market, the instant coffee industry and for the fragrance and flavor industry.

It enables less loss of flavor and aroma by capturing them at their peak quality during processing. The system is a completely turnkey solution from input of raw materials through a creation of full flavor concentrates. This makes the entire process much quicker and far more efficient.

Innovative Processing Solutions

The way our beverages smell and taste, as well as how they look, have a huge bearing on whether or not we will enjoy them. We have all walk past a coffee shop and entice simply because of the aroma.

Flavourtech is a global technology manufacturer specializing in aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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