Semi Staal

Automated Industrial Cleaning and Sanitation Solutions from Semi-Staal

Lets face it, cleaning and sanitizing is not the most exiting task. While critical to every industrial operation, it can be hard to find motivated people to do the mundane work of rinsing tools, scrubbing tubs, and sanitizing bins. This issue has been further exacerbated recently with labor shortages and reduced work force due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet sanitation has never been more important, from preventing recalls to ensuring employee safety, cleaning tools and processing equipment is a necessary value-added waste essential to most industrial operations. However, it does not need to be a waste of your most valued resource, your people’s time! Enter automation solutions, Scan American Corporations’ long-time supplier and partner in sanitation, a world class manufacturer of cleaning and handling automation solutions, Semi-Staal Industrial Cleaning and Automation.

Semi Staal’s expertise in sanitation and extensive experience in automated material handling ensures a highly effective, advanced cleaning technology, customizable from fully automated to varying degrees of operator assistance, all designed to convert your complex cleaning challenges into simplified solutions.

What we do

Scan American Corporation has supplied Semi-Staal automated cleaning systems across the United States and Canada in all sorts of applications, from meat processing equipment to hospital beds and pharmaceutical manufacturing. We deliver parametric designed tunnel based automated cleaning systems for sanitizing tubs/toes, crates, bins, pallets, racks, trolleys, poultry cages, egg trays, ham and chocolate moulds, hospital beds, and mattresses.  Need something else cleaned or sanitized? We can handle all sorts of equipment, no challenge is too big or too small, we can customize to fit your need.

Using a hose, manual tilt cart, and an exhausted operator to clean residual meat from a bin? We can automate that process with guaranteed sanitation achieved faster while your people work on higher value tasks. Stubborn fish remnants stuck to your tubs? Our powerful indexing nozzles and detergent guarantee a perfect clean, every time. Struggling to hold container lids while being sprayed down? Our cleaning racks hold a variety of lids and tools which then run through the tunnel system for the same clean delivered to your tubs and totes.

Are your employees tired from trying to flip and move bins? Have a dilapidated fork truck slowing down product movement? Our Automated cleaning solutions can be integrated with handling options to unstack, empty, flip, move, clean, dry, restack, and hoist bins/tubs/pallets however you desire. Our handling systems can be ordered as a holistic solution or as stand-alone units.

Benefits of Semi-Staal Automated Cleaning and Handling Solutions


Handle, sort, clean, and sanitize with little to no operator intervention. Place your people on higher value tasks and leave the cleaning to the robots or assist your people with technology to reduce risk of injury and provide a more enjoyable work experience.

Guaranteed Clean

Consistent sanitation, every time. Compliance to sanitation standards is made easy with consistency and standardized process flow.

Save money using less water

Nozzle indexing minimizes water use by limiting overspray and high-pressure direct contact means less wash time. Optional water filtering and recirculation means you use less water than traditional wash to drain manual systems.

Save money using less steam

Integrated heat transfer system combined with recirculated water means less energy is needed to heat sanitizing water. Options available to heat water with direct natural gas or electric coil.


Our solutions are integrated all in one solutions. Combine your handling and cleaning needs into one solution, with one supplier, makes maintenance and sparing strategy simple.

You control your process

Contracted and outsourced cleaning can lead to costly delays, inconsistent results, and places your entire operation in the hands of another party. With an integrated Semi-Staal cleaning solution you are in full control of your complete process at all times. You control your success!

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Today’s manufacturing environment can be tough to navigate. There is always a new technology, new methodology, increasing environmental regulatory standards, and increasing sanitation requirements to follow. Scan American Corporation is here to help you navigate those difficulties, use technology to generate value, and to ultimately be a long-term partner in your processing and manufacturing needs.

Please visit our website at www.scanamcorp.com for more information on Semi-Staal Industrial Cleaning and Automation systems and our other processing equipment offerings. We want to hear from you! Please contact us to speak with a Solutions Engineer and to get our powerful solutions working for you today!