pet food processing equipment

A Look at a Wide Range of Machines for Pet Food

If you are in the market to purchase or upgrade your pet food manufacturing machinery, Scan American has a variety of world-class options available to you. Scan American is proud to partner with Scansteel Foodtech, a high-end manufacturer of industrial processing machines with expertise in pet food preparation equipment. Whether it’s wet, dry, treat, or specialty, we have the right machine to meet your processing needs.

A Look at a Wide Range of Machines

There is a wide range of machinery available to suit all types of processing needs for pet food manufacturing. These can be individual machines or complete processing lines for crushing, grinding, emulsifying, mixing, and transport of raw materials and finished projects.

Whole Pallet Crushers

The whole pallet crusher is capable of crushing entire pallets of frozen block products. Scansteel’s 2nd generation crusher is the strongest and most reliable in the industry.

Single Worm Grinders

This is part of our range of grinders that provides machines for pet food, whether it’s fresh or frozen meat or raw material, bones, fat, fish, and all by-products, frozen or fresh.

They use a low amount of energy and run quietly, with an optional hydraulic knife tensioning system and heavy-duty construction.

Double Worm Grinders

This machine for pet food optimizes the performance of the grinder using the scanControl System, continuously monitoring the frequency converters on the feeding/pre-grinding auger and the grinding worm for the grinding section. The constant monitoring of the feed allows us to improve the grinder’s overall output compared to a single screw grinder.


Scansteel offers a full range of mixers for the global pet food industry. It ranges from single shaft and twin shaft mixers to twin shaft mixers either with vacuum or with grinder units with a wide range of optional extras like heating and cooling functions.

Meat and Bone Separator

We also offer a range of high-quality mechanical deboning machines for meat-bone separation.. These machines are designed to minimize temperature increase while effectively removing bone and cartilage fragments.

Pet Food Processing Lines

We design, engineer, manufacture, install, and service complete preparation processing lines. Our machines for pet food lines can be delivered with or without Line Control Systems and can come with our own recipe formulation software for uploading data to your existing ERP systems and MCC’s.

All the machines we offer are high performance, easy to operate, and easy for maintenance and cleaning. They are designed to work with meat and bone raw material preparation, like whole pallet crushers, grinders for fresh and frozen meat and bone raw material, mixers, vacuum mixers, pumps for all applications, pump and hopper fed emulsifiers, batching and weighing stations, and silo systems for all types of heavy-duty pet food applications.

In addition to our standard range of pet food preparation machines and equipment, we also design and develop individually designed machines and equipment to meet the standards of our customers.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, to get a quote, or to find out what is new in the world of machines for pet food processing.