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MHM Automation provides leading automation solutions to the world. H&C Automated Solutions and Milmeq Chilling and Freezing Systems have recently jointly rebranded as MHM Automation. 

Reverse Packaging and Product Handling by H&C

H&C is recognized as a world leader in automated product handling and reverse packaging systems. While many other companies provide solutions to putting product into packaging, we specialize in removing packaging from product ready for further processing.

Our technologies were developed for the cheese processing and cheese conversion operations but have since been applied to meat processing and e-commerce fulfilment. H&C equipment is renowned for being robust, reliable and simple to operate, as well as providing an excellent return on investment in operational cost savings. All of our equipment can be provided as standalone machines or as part of a complete process solution. We have particular expertise in the integration of these automated systems into existing process lines.

Universal Box Cutter
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Universal Robotic Box Cutter

Safely Open Boxes of Varying Shapes and Sizes

Also known as the Universal Box Cutter, or UBC, this machine has been developed to remove the need for operators to manually open boxes using knives. 

The UBC uses vision technology to scan the box and determine its size and shape. Information is then passed to the robot to make adjustments to the cut profile, on the fly, without the need for operator intervention. 

Chilling and Freezing by Milmeq

Milmeq specializes in automated chilling and freezing systems for food processing operations.

Founded in 1952 as Refrigeration Engineering and also previously known as Realcold, Milmeq has developed a global reputation for innovation. We pioneered the introduction of automatic chilling and freezing tunnels and plate freezers to the meat and dairy industries. Today, our systems are recognized worldwide as setting the industry standard for chilling or freezing meat, poultry and dairy products in cartons or crates. Milmeq installations are typically custom designed and installed on-site. We provide a turnkey service from design and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and support. 

Milmeq Chilling Freezing Tunnel
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Custom Automatic Tunnels for Meat and Poultry

 MILMEQ® Chilling and Freezing Tunnels employ an air blast based system that provides uniform conditioning to either chill or freeze product. Typical cycle times range from 2 to 48 hours. 

The integrated controls and automation designed for each system application allows for operator changes to the retention time set. The controls also deliver complete tracking of all product within the system which aids in the management of further processes post chilling or freezing such as palletizing and distribution.


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