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X-Ray Inspection | Food, Pet Food, Beverage, Pharma & Cosmetics

Sapphire Inspection Systems and Scan American Corporation (SAC) formed a Joint Venture, Sapphire SAC, in 2018 to lead Sapphire’s US operations. Sapphire SAC offers a full range of x-ray inspection systems, with 24/7 service and after sales support from a centralized location in North America, Kansas City, MO. We have a fully equipped, temperature controlled test lab, enabling free (no obligation) product trials and production reports.

X-Ray Inspection

We offer x-ray inspection systems for a broad range of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, in addition to customized solutions. A technology-led company with links to the earliest x-ray inspection products, Sapphire Inspection pioneered innovative technology to improve safety standards and reduce the risk of recalls through high sensitivity, sophistication of detection, reliability and low false rejects. Key components are manufactured in-house, ensuring high quality and prompt availability.

Sapphire G20 X-Ray
Sapphire G20 X-Ray

Versatility of Inspection

Versatility is our strength. Thanks to our many unique and sophisticated algorithms, our systems can inspect hundreds of product types. Our x-ray systems fall into the six main areas of inspection:

  • X-ray inspection for rigid containers; jars, cans, and bottles
  • X-ray systems for packaged goods
  • Pipeline inspection systems
  • Bone detection x-ray systems
  • Bulk flow x-ray systems
  • Pharmaceutical x-ray systems
Sapphire Pet Food X-Ray Machine
Sapphire's Largest Ever Pet Food X-Ray Machine

If you have a requirement that is a little out of the ordinary and cannot find what you are looking for, speak to our team about our bespoke x-ray solutions.

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