Freezing and Chilling Systems

Spiral, IQF, tunnel and contact freezers systems that are custom designed, increasing production,
improving hygiene and boosting energy efficiency.

HELIX Spiral Freezer, Chiller & Cooler

  • High performance and high efficiency spiral technology – long operating times
  • Energy efficient – low operating costs
  • Hygienic design – accessible, clean design
  • Small factory footprint
  • Superior product quality
  • Reliable operation
Starfrost Helix Double Drum Freezer
Starfrost Helix Double Drum Freezer

Turbo IQF Fluidised Tunnel

  • Innovative IQF technology for fluidised food product
  • 24 hour production – defrost options for up to 2 weeks operation
  • Modular construction
  • IQF fluidised technology – delivers rapid surface conditioning
  • High yield – premium quality and reduced dehydration
  • Innovative design
  • Product Separation – high performance fluidisation for no clumping
Starfrost TURBO IQF Fluidised Tunnel

HYBRID Inline IQF Freezer

  • Efficient tunnel freezer for quick, cost effective freezing
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy saving design – extremely low power consumption
  • Rapid freezing – high velocity airflow with impingement freezing
  • Bespoke conveyors – custom designed belt options
  • Consistent IQF – maximizes yield for premium IQF products
    Starfrost HYBRID Inline IQF Tunnel
    Starfrost HYBRID Inline IQF Tunnel

CONTACT Plate Freezer & Hardener

  • Instant crust freezer that eliminates belt marks & increases product yield
  • Superior product quality – minimizes drip loss and maximizes yield
  • Hygienic reusable belt
  • Rapid freezing – fastest and most efficient freezing processes
  • Adaptable to freeze or harden
  • No belt marking – eliminates belt marks, maintains shape and appearance
  • Harden or freeze – adapatable to cool, crust freeze or fully freeze

Starfrost Contact Freezer 

Starfrost Contact Freezer

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