symex system

symex Specialized System for Manufacturing of Sanitizer Products

During these challenging times of COVID-19, there have been many cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing companies transitioning to producing sanitizers in order to meet the large consumer demand.   To help companies meet this large demand, SYMEX has designed the Sanitizer Manufacturing System that can be delivered quickly and is turn key with self-installation and start up.  

  • Specially designed system for manufacturing of sanitizers such as liquid hand sanitizer and sanitizer gels.
  • 8 week delivery time via air delivery to meet immediate production needs.
  • No project / design phase with 2 sizes of 1000L or 2000L
  • Simple operation without experience / training required.
  • Easy to install turn-key system for self-installation without symex personal.
  • Compliant with XP-Requirements and local requirements.

Read the full list of unbeatable advantages here:

Extreme short delivery time

  • Available in 8 weeks on site
  • No project / design phase
  • Standardized sizes
  • 1000 Liter / 2000 Liter capacity
  • Airfreight dimensions
  • Plug & Play
  • Self-installation /self-start-up

Extreme low investment costs

  • Full XP and GMP Execution
  • 1000 Liter System
    USA & Canada – US$ 172,000
  • 2000 Liter System
    USA & Canada – US$ 175,000
  • All prices ex-works and incl. packaging
  • No symex installation needed

Simple operation

  • No special skills or training required
  • Extreme short ramp-up time

Core Features / Flexible Use

  • Made for all kinds of cold processes
  • symex R-S-Homogenizer VFD-Controlled

  • 5-30 m/s shear speed with high pump capacity
  • Short Loop recirculation

  • Typical 20-100% batch size flexibility
  • Vortex Loop recirculation

  • Easy powder wetting and dispersion
  • Built-in CIP-System Spray ball on vessel lid
  • Connection ports for liquid raw materials

  • Alcohol / water supply nozzles
  • Large addition port for solids
  • GMP-Compliant Qualification documents
  • Global and national code compliant
  • Atmospheric production vessel* without double jacket
  • symex short loop and vortex nozzle for highest batch size flexibility and immediate powder wetting / dispersion


* Pressure / vacuum resistant execution and double jacket for heating and cooling available for an additional charge and with extended lead time.

► Ask Tim Kruse for a tailored quotation with shipping options. (816)-868-4182 or tkruse@scanamcorp.com