Mixing and Homogenizing Systems

Mixing & Homogenizing | Emulsions, Suspensions & Powders

Symex is a global leader in high-efficiency mixing and homogenizing systems for producing emulsions and suspensions.

Vacuum Mixing & Homogenizing

Symex, the premium solution for pharmaceutical and cosmetics production, develops and produces vacuum mixing and homogenizing plants for the manufacturing of liquid, pourable and semisolid emulsions and suspensions:

  • Lab scale from 4 – 30-liter batch capacity
  • Pilot plant station scale from 30 – 200-liter batch capacity
  • Production plant scale up to 20,000-liter batch capacity
  • All plants can be included with one or more phase vessels.

All plant concepts can be augmented by special operation solutions: Emulsifying equipment, explosion protection according to ATEX/NEC/CEC, fully automatic cleaning and sterilization capability, fully automatic batch systems, and high volume raw material feeding systems etc. 

Our advantages include:

  • 100% repeatable product quality (viscosity, particle size distribution and stability)
  • Significant reduction in processing times
  • Improvement in product stability
  • Significant reduction in cleaning times and media consumption
  • Optimum temperature guidance
  • Automated, safe and repeatable raw material handling
Symex CML 500 Compact
Symex CML 500 Compact

Coaxial Agitator

Complete control of the mixing profile in the vessel at all speeds and viscosities

• Mixing up to 1,500,000 cP product viscosity
• Counter rotation with independent speed settings for both agitators
• Excellent temperature distribution
• Quick and homogeneous mixing
• Optimum cleaning (fast and residue-free)

Symex Coaxial Agitator

Co-Twister Homogenizer

Independent control of flow and shear

• Rotor-Rotor Principle
• 2 separate drive motors
• 0-70 m/s differential speed in the shear gap (shear speed)
• High pumping output for homogenization and CIP
• Quick homogenization of highly viscous and shear-sensitive products
• Direct influence on droplet and particle size
• Product discharge without shear (replaces discharge pumps)
• Pigment grinding (replaces mills of all kinds)
• Highest energy density (replaces high-pressure homogenizers)

Symex Co-Twister
Symex Co-Twister Homogenizer

Temperature Control System

Secondary circuit system for controlled and precise temperature management

• Control accuracy of +/-0.5 °C of product temperature
• Double heat exchanger systems (heating and cooling)
• No direct steam or cooling water supply in the double jacket
• 4 different control modes (Quick/Ramp/Delta-T/Inlet)
• Inlet temperature limitation

Symex Temperature Control
Symex Temperature Control System

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