Spiral, Impingement, Tunnel and Crust Freezers

  • Fastest Freezing Time – Freezes 28% Faster
  • Minimum Frost Losses – Better Yield
    • 1.3 % Yield Gain on Raw Chicken
    • 1.5 % Yield Gain on Cooked Batter/Breaded Chicken
  • Lowest Freezing Cost per lb
  • No Sequential Defrost Required
    • 72h continuous production for cooked products
    • 120h for fresh products
  • Better Product Quality and Product Color
  • Night Switching Program


  • Leak-Free Construction Including Longest Warranty
  • Experience on Most Ideal Refrigeration Setup (lowest energy use)  
  • High Visibility Contact Divider Approved for Food Industry
  • Shortest Lead Times
  • Always Dedicated to Assist on Installation and Operation
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Cost-Friendly Automation System for Later Add-on



We offer rapid in-line defrosting equipment based on the Radio Frequency technology that allows a significant reduction of drip losses and minimizes product deterioration due to bacterial growth. This fast, uniform and controlled heating method offers great flexibility in production scheduling and is the ideal solution for many tempering, softening and defrosting processes. Benefits include:

  • Fast, Uniform and Controlled Heating Process
  • Drastic Reduction of Drip Loss
  • No Product Deterioration
  • No Bacterial Growth
  • Continuous (in-line) Operation
  • Flexibility in Production Schedule and Target Temperature
  • Suitable for Fish, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products, Honey, etc.
  • In Blocks or IQF, With or Without Packaging